It’s Been Awhile….

This morning as I sit in my recliner listening to the rain outside I begin to think about past trips, fun times with family and friends in far away places. Those thoughts make me smile and they give me a since of hope and excitement!

The past few months have been very hard. I have put my head down and not allowed myself to dream about travel. I normally love to watch travel shows on television and plan for upcoming trips but with the “shelter in place” that we have all experienced my enthusiasm was zapped. However, as things begin to open up my desire to travel is ignited once again!

Soon my hubby and I will set out on a road adventure, traveling along the southern half of our wonderful country. We will take “safety measures” all along the way, enjoying outdoor activities, picnics, hikes and lazy walks! While the route for our trip is somewhat planned, we are open to changes along the way…once again we are ready for an adventure! Can’t wait to share our adventure with you when we return…until then….Be Safe and Keep Traveling!!

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